About me

I am a senior full stack developer with over 12 years experience delivering products in the education & NGO sectors. I’ve led cross functional development teams throughout the agile lifecycle for clients like British Council, Cancer Research, Save the Children & Public Health England.

Using my experience of rapid prototyping, iterative development and regular user feedback I am able to help clients embrace agile and lean principles to build solutions that provide the most value to users.

Ways of working


I conduct technical discoveries via interviews with technical stakeholders and desk research to identify a team's capabilities and constraints.


Projects planned around user personas and stories maintain a better focus on whats really needed from a product. I'm used to writing and maintaining these stories from project start to finish.


I value sketching, prototyping and whiteboarding ideas before any code is written. This helps to start conversations within a team and to arrive at a better solution.


Quick delivery cycles means collaboration & code quality is important. I'm happy coding in the open, and receiving & giving regular feedback. I work with tools like Docker and AWS to allow for faster & more scalable deployments.

Tech radar

The Technology Radar provided by Thoughtworks is a great way to get the perspective of experts in the industry & is something I've been following to keep track of where the industry is moving.