Talk To Frank

November, 2018

Skills used: ElasticSearch, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Contentful, NodeJs, React, Redux, Workbox, Service Workers

Talk to Frank is an independent government website that aims to help people in the UK find impartial advice on drugs taking & where to get support.

I was as part of the cross functional team at CXPartners delivering an updated design and site for Public Health England. Being a government service, the project delivery followed GDS project principles. In my role as full stack developer, I supported the build and deployment from the Alpha stage to completion.

Accessibility, usability and site speed were key areas focussed on during the rebuild and the agile methodologies employed resulted in some great benefits for the user.

The website was refreshed in December without a campaign or money spent on advertising, yet traffic to the website has since increased by 43%. FRANK received over 180,000 more visitors in December and the start of January than we were previously seeing, prompting Google to describe it as one of the best performing sites they have seen for any of their clients – private and public sector. This is prevention through digital technology at its best. In short, FRANK is giving young people clear, unbiased information in a way they are comfortable with accessing. Duncan Selbie's Friday message - 25 January 2019

Duncan Selbie

Chief Executive of Public Health England